Through our web site, we hope to expand our communication links to you, the Orange voter. We hope that you will take the opportunity to contact us through this website and make your views known to us. As Republicans, we are committed to providing honest, open and responsible leadership in our town. Like you,we are committed to making Orange a better place to live, providing an excellent school system, lower taxes, and improved town services.


What Are The Most Pressing Issues Facing Seniors In Orange And What Would You Propose To Address Them?

In the coming years, one of the biggest problems that will face Orange seniors will be the increased pressure put on local property taxes because of the failure of the Democratic Governor and legislature to adopt a state budget. Many of our seniors are on fixed incomes and want to age in place in the home where they have lived for decades. The Democrat’s failure to adopt a budget exposes Orange to over two million dollars in state budget cuts.

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What Is The Greatest Challenge You See Facing Orange In The Next Two Years?

Over the next two years, the greatest challenge to the residents of Orange will be the State’s fiscal crisis caused by the inability of Governor Malloy and the Democrat-controlled legislature to manage the State’s finances. The uncertainty at the State level will have long-lasting effects on many towns that could impact their school systems, town services and cause their property taxes to increase. 

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The Blue-State Model Collapses in Connecticut
National Review March 7, 2017

Government finance is now the greatest source of controversy in Connecticut, owing to billion-dollar deficits and an epic debt load that ensures high taxes for many years to come. In national politics, Connecticut is deep blue: Its entire congressional delegation is Democratic, and it hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 28 years. But the GOP has recently notched strong gains in the state legislature. Though it’s far from clear which party will prevail, the fight for control of state government will depend on who can better respond to broad public recognition that Connecticut needs a new fiscal model.

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