Through our web site, we hope to expand our communication links to you, the Orange voter. We hope that you will take the opportunity to contact us through this website and make your views known to us. As Republicans, we are committed to providing honest, open and responsible leadership in our town. Like you,we are committed to making Orange a better place to live, providing an excellent school system, lower taxes, and improved town services.

Our Headquarters is located at
185 Boston Post Road, Orange ( Hitchcock Plaza

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Members of the Z Team

Our Slate Includes:


BOARD OF SELECTMEN – John J. Carangelo, Ralph G. Okenquist,  Judy Williams

TOWN PLAN & ZONING COMMISSION – Kevin Cornell, Oscar "Ozzie" Parente

TAX COLLECTOR – Sandra Pierson

BOARD OF FINANCE – Joseph P. Nuzzo, Robert Bocek, Pat Romano

ORANGE BOARD OF EDUCATION – Jeffery Cap, Christian Young, Kimberley Browe

AMITY BOARD OF EDUCATION – 4 Year Term – Thomas Hurley, Steven DeMaio, Shannan Carlson

CONSTABLES – Jeffrey Vargo, Michael Donadeo, Jody Daymon, Glenn Papelo

Preliminary Budget Update to Orange Taxpayers
James A. Leahy, Vice Chairman
Orange Board of Finance

As Governor Malloy and the State Legislature propose new ways to deal with our state fiscal crisis, the impact to the Town of Orange is all too clear, and the news is not good.  Under the current proposed State budget, the average Orange property tax bill would rise by 10.92% to $8,888, an increase of $875.
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The Blue-State Model Collapses in Connecticut
National Review March 7, 2017

Government finance is now the greatest source of controversy in Connecticut, owing to billion-dollar deficits and an epic debt load that ensures high taxes for many years to come. In national politics, Connecticut is deep blue: Its entire congressional delegation is Democratic, and it hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 28 years. But the GOP has recently notched strong gains in the state legislature. Though it’s far from clear which party will prevail, the fight for control of state government will depend on who can better respond to broad public recognition that Connecticut needs a new fiscal model.

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Towns Make Legal Case Against Malloy's Teacher Pension Plan
Hartford Courant March 17, 2017

Small towns are now locked in a legal dispute with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's administration, saying the governor cannot legally force them to pay one-third of the cost of teachers' pensions. The 110 municipalities in the Connecticut Council of Small Towns say only the state is required to make the payments for teachers' pensions. Malloy's two-year state budget proposal seeks to force towns to pay more than $400 million annually as their share of the pension costs. Currently, the state pays 100 percent of the employer share of the costs.

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