On Wednesday July 20, 2023 Maggie Lasto nominated First Selectman Jim Zeoli as the Republican Candidate for First Selectman. Jim will be seeking re-election to his 10th term. Jim's nomination was approved unanimously.  

During her remarks Ms. Lasto said,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Maggie Lasto. I am a 24-year-old lifelong resident of Orange…  As a little girl I loved my home. Many of my best memories were made right down the road from where we sit, here, today.

As an adult, my perception of this town, of Jim’s job and the importance of its role has become clearer. I understand that it is policies, hard work, planning, collaboration, and finance that make it all possible.

It takes a leader who is fiscally responsible—someone who considers the best interest of their constituents when spending tax money, supporting education, investing in property, or welcoming new businesses. It takes a leader who is present—someone who attends graduations, labors over country fair pulled pork, and attends performances. It takes a leader who is willing to speak their mind honestly while still being able to work with others—someone who is always there with an open ear.

… Jim finds a way to encourage residents in all stages of life, from our children, our students, our seniors, and everyone in between. He is the reason why people like me make the choice to stay, to get involved, and encourage the next generation to do the same.

Seconding the nomination was Dominic Lombardi. The following were included in his remarks.

Though his (Jim Zeoli’s) hair may be a bit grayer than when he first started, his passion and commitment to this town are still exactly the same. I always appreciate a leader who takes the next generation seriously and invests in our future. It has been my observation that Jim not only cares about the next generation but takes his job as First Selectman seriously because of us. He, much like those who have come before him, has a goal of leaving our town better off than when he found it.

Mr. Zeoli also has the ability to not see political affiliation when working on behalf of the town. I witnessed this firsthand just this past spring at the Memorial Day Parade. When introducing the State Treasurer to Mr. Zeoli, I watched, as he (Jim Zeoli) conducted a business discussion with the treasurer. The two men, from different parties, both came to a consensus, and Mr. Zeoli advocated for the town and the community he loves. He ended his conversation with the treasurer by saying, "I don't care if there's an R or a D next to your name... I only care that you have my town's best interest at heart."

I have had the privilege of watching Mr. Zeoli govern and I have learned a lot about what goes into running a town. Whenever I go to his office, he always invites me in. Jim shares lessons he's learned over the years and tells me when I am doing a good job with something on the town committee and when I need to change something up.

Maggie Lasto is a 24-year-old lifelong resident of Orange. She is a Board of Education employee, a parks and recreation employee. She is active in Orange as a member of the memorial day parade committee, one of this year’s parade marshalls, and a veterans grave beautification committee member.

Dominic Lombardi is a student at Fairfield University, achieving dean's list for the last two years. He is also active in our community and is now serving as Vice Chairman of the Orange Republican Town Committee.


Paid for by Orange Republican Town Committee, Dan Brigham, Treasurer